Allison & Joshua wanted to remember the day as it was in all of its glory. Choice of music, pace and shoot angles were all directed by the master, Joshua Pokraka. Fully trained in the art of film making, Josh brings the “wedding video” through a whole new cinematic film approach.

Your wedding will be one of the most expensive and important events in your life. Capturing the memories that are associated with it should be as important. We want to show you how magnificent your wedding day was a week, a month, a year, 10 years after. Our cinematic approach makes your event timeless. We come prepared with all of the lighting and sound equipment needed to capture “Your Once In A Lifetime Event”.



Josh & Allyson’s Wedding

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Photo | Film Relationship

Photos were the beginning of film. 35mm film was the industry standard many years ago. Capturing the characters in a scene had to be done perfectly in order for the film to be relatable.

“Stills” tell a story. Video records the event. Cinematography tells a story that people want to see over and over again.