Q22 is a branding video that allows the protective client to gain the in depth interest from the owners/CEOs. It's a known fact that people will buy from an owner considerably more often if they know who he/she is. Q22 is a simple 22 question video that talks about company and personal subjects. The entire video is around 3-5 minutes and will grab the attention of anyone looking for your goods or services. The questions are pretty standard but some are tailored to the individual

Here's how simple this is

  • Select 22 questions from our library
  • Answer all with One word and One Sentence
  • Do a Walk Through with our Director
  • Complete the shoot with one take(never happen) It will look like a single shot though when its completed

Make it fun.

The Owner/President or CEO will get the chance to show off their facility in a non-invasive manner

What you will get out of a Q22

You will receive a 3-5 minute video edited with all of the questions asked in a shotgun manner. Feel free to release it to the world on your website and social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube are the best.